Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Institute for Forensic Research, Training, and Innovation at Sam Houston State University. Our principal goal is to promote interdisciplinary forensic research and encourage academic-industrial partnerships that serve the needs of the forensic community and its stakeholders.

In a report to Congress in 2009, the National Academy of Sciences made sweeping recommendations that were designed to enhance and strengthen the landscape and practice of forensic science in the United States. In accordance with those recommendations, institutes of higher education are expected to play an important role in research, training, and education. As a leader in forensic science education at the graduate-level within one of the oldest and most well-respected Criminal Justice Colleges in the US, Sam Houston State University is well positioned to meet these needs.

Through collaborative, interdisciplinary, and industrially relevant research and training, we hope to broaden scientific awareness and serve as a vehicle for technology transfer and innovation in a way that advances forensic science and the administration of justice locally, nationally, and globally.


The mission of the Institute for Forensic Research, Training, and Innovation is to advance the practice of forensic science through strategic academic-industrial partnerships, industrially relevant research, and to deliver highly specialized training to the forensic practitioners and stakeholders.