Dr Yu

Dr. Jorn (Chi Chung) Yu started as an assistant professor at SHSU in 2006, and he is currently a tenured full professor with the department of forensic science. Dr. Yu is also a certified criminalist with the American Board of Criminalistics in comprehensive criminalistics (ABC-CC). Dr. Yu is a creative scholar and has developed impactful research agenda in his field. Over the past ten years, Dr. Yu has worked on detecting a stable biomarker for cyanide poisoning cases. His research has contributed to our understanding of this area. Dr. Yu has established his expertise in forensic analysis of alternative biomarkers for cyanide poison cases. Although cyanide poisoning cases are rare, there are always concerns about cyanide exposure in the firefighting industry. His creative work has the potential to create a patented process in the medical and forensic sectors.

Dr. Yu has demonstrated his scholarly creativity accomplishment with two recent provisional patent applications. One of his recent patents will create a new way for rapid hemp and marijuana determination. Another patent will develop artificial intelligence to assist crime scene investigators in collecting high-quality of fingerprint evidence.

Dr. Yu also developed a successful Air Force SIBR/STTR (The Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer) Phase I award. This type of federal award required an innovative technology transfer from SHSU to a small business partner. His new technology development at SHSU will help small business partners develop a rapid field scanner for trace chemical and pathogen detection. This particular SBIR/STTR Phase I award is one of the few successful awards in the SHSU history. The successful Phase I SBIR/STTR award further demonstrates Dr. Yu’s creative accomplishments on top of his scholarly achievement.

Highlight of Dr. Yu’s research and scholarly accomplishment:

Dr. Yu has consistently demonstrated his scholarly and creative accomplishment through peer-review publications, patent applications, small business technology transfer awards, multiple external funding, and internal research funds. Dr. Yu continues to collaborate with multi-discipline stakeholders in forensic sciences, particularly in advance nanomaterials and artificial intelligence.